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JOIN our church

As the body of Christ Jesus, we are fully committed to helping you grow spiritually in your daily walk with the Lord through practical and meaningful biblical teaching, focused prayer, and authentic, heartfelt fellowship.  

when do I join the church?

On Sunday morning, at the close of our worship service, the pastor will extend a time of invitation to those who would like to join our fellowship. During that time, you are to step out and walk down the aisle to where the pastor is standing, and, once there, tell him about your decision. 

How do I join the church?

During the time of invitation at the close of our worship service, There are three ways you can join our church:

Do you still have questions?

Contact our church office at 757-420-1500 and ask to speak with one of our pastors. They would be happy to discuss your decision to accept Jesus and or join our church.

  1. You can join our fellowship by professing your faith in Jesus Christ and following that with baptism by immersion in water, or

  2. You can transfer your membership from another Southern Baptist church, or

  3. You can make a statement of your faith and baptism if your church letter cannot be obtained.

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