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Be the Church

Good Morning Church Family,

As I knelt in prayer this morning in the sanctuary, I was over whelmed by two thoughts:

(1) How beautiful our sanctuary is as it is adorned for the season of Lent and (2) of its quietness and serenity... noting to me, the presence of God.

In that moment, I realized that though our church facility is closed out of our love and concern for others during this Covid-19 outbreak, that our church, the Body of Christ is now sowed as seeds of God's love all around our community. We are now in fact, the incarnation of the Christ in and to our community.

So in these of days of anxiety and uncertainty for so many, let us incarnate God's Love and Presence in new and innovative ways as opportunity arises. Though the Church Facility may be closed as everyone is practicing "Social Distancing," the Heart of the Church (God's Love in You) has now moved out from the walls of the church and into the marketplace... where we should have been all along.

So, why not use the various social media platform available to us.... not only to keep us connected but to share the warm and comfort of God's love to others. Remember we are best connected, when we are connected through prayer. Let that be the message we share and the love we live.

Pastor Ken

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