• Pastor Ken

A Time for Every Purpose

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

To All My Church Family and Friends... One of my favorite passages of scripture is Ecclesiastes 3:11 that states: “God has made everything beautiful in its time.” In other words, each of us have it within ourselves to be more than what we think we are or what ever though we could be. For as Paul stated in Eph. 2:10: “We are His [God’s] workmanship,” His Masterpiece – His “poema” – "The Beautiful poetry of His Creation." As God continues to work in your life to bring forth “His Masterpiece” never forget that there is a “season and a time for every purpose under heaven” (Ecc. 3:1-11). This means that there is a God-ordained time for pleasant events such as joy and laughter, embracing, and peace; and there is a God-ordained time for unpleasant events such as anxiety, uncertainty, mourning, weeping and tearing down. It is through these contrasting Life-Experiences and Events, that God helps us to see that these life-experiences and events are not in conflict with one-another but are rather co-laborers through which God works to make "everything beautiful in its time." As the flower needs both sunshine and rain to bring the beauty by which it is adorned; and so it is in life, each of us need both the sunshine and the rain to bring out the beauty by which our lives are adorned by God’s love and grace. So do not fret, if you are presently experiencing the Rainy-side of Life… as we all are in these uncertain days, just do as God would have us too... learn to "Dance in the Rain" while we wait for the sunshine to return... all the while knowing that “His name is ‘Emmanuel’ meaning God with us”(Matt. 1:23). Never forget that Faith — is believing that the GOD WHO WAS, IS and WILL BE, is also the GOD WHO IS WITH US, helping us, working in us, and creating within us and walking with us toward a beautiful end. So, will you declare with me: “Father, I believe that You are going to make all things beautiful in Your time in my life. I trust You. I wait in expectation knowing that you will never leave nor sake me and that the promise of redemption draws nigh. And that you will bring to completion the good work which You began in my life. My blessings are assured! In Jesus’s name, Amen.” Pastor Ken

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